Our third full-length album!

Skål! We have some exciting news to share: On November 21, we will release our third full-length album called “Save all the liars.” But not only that, we will also release three of the songs a little earlier, that on Monday the 4th, 11th and November 18th. We are really looking forward to this and feel very proud of what we created. Take care of yourselves and the best regards from Sweden!

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New video!

Our new video, a wonderful free interpretation of our latest single “Between the lines”, is hand painted by Valentina Mazzarelli Rayo (The Good Morning Spider) – Analog meets Digital and the importance of meta reaches new heights. We believe and sincerely hope that you will enjoy our latest creation:


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Between the lines

Everything is hazy when you try to explain
the most obvious things in this world

Can’t you see I am trying to read what you say
between the lines the greatest misconception of all time

I am feeling lazy when your vagueness is walking
all over this place we used to know so well

Then you ask me why should I wrap up my words
for you to understand the things we never really said

New single out on May 31!

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Re-release – Humble waves

It’s been almost six months now since we released “Humble waves”, our second album. We really liked the songs back then (as we do now), but felt that the production could be better. For this reason we have now remixed the whole album. You can download it for free, share it with all your friends and tell your unborn grandchildren about it.

Many sleepless nights were devoted to finding the right sound. As mentioned before, we were very happy with the original songs in general, but I (Jon, producer, singer and song writer) felt that the production did not do the songs justice. When “Humble waves” was first released, the album was met by mixed reviews, something that surprised the band. We felt that the album was at least as strong as our debut (which received a very warm reception among critics). Now it should be noted that we do not write music to appeal to critics, but we felt that something was not quite right. The more we listened to the album, the more we felt that it could sound better. First I tried to remaster the entire album with the original mixes, but that did not work either. We then decided to remove the album from iTunes and Spotify to try to remix the whole works. After two to three months of hard work it began to sound like we first imagined, and I do not for second regret that we removed the original release. Some may never bother or even hear any difference from the original, but the only thing that matters to us is that we are happy and feel good about the songs and production.

All the best from Sweden

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Shade & Honey – Sparklehorse

Recorded in memory of one of the greatest musicians ever to walk this planet, Mark Linkous/Sparklehorse:


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The Artist’s Story

“Today a new series is started on Meadowmusic.se: “The Artist’s Story” First up is Jon Rinneby from Turn off your television about Sparklehorse, and he was kind enough to record a Sparklehorse cover especially for the post.
I hope you like this new idea.” – Meadow music


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Featured Artist: LA Music Blog

Happy times! We are this week’s Featured Artist over at American LA Music Blog. Find out why they like us so much.

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We remain awsome

“Turn Off Your Television Drop New EP, Remain Awesome” – At least if you believe our San Diego friends over at Owl & Bear. Be sure to check out their great music blog!


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Review – Muzic.se

High score “Humble waves” review over at fine Muzic.se

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Review – Absolut Noise

“…if you enjoy great melodies and songs to listen several times in a row, you’d better pay attention: Humble ways, the second album of the band released a couple of weeks ago, is a step better than their previous one” – Absolut Noise

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